Diabetes Risk Management Programme
Diabetes incidence will show an increasing trend in the coming 10 years. Diabetic patients may not secrete adequate insulin, or may no utilize insulin effectively.

Diabetes may lead to various complications, e.g. coronary heart disease, hypertension, kidney failure, cataract and retinal atrophy etc. Some more serious complications are blindness, stroke, chronic skin ulcer, tissue necrosis and amputation etc. Diabetic patients must regulate blood glucose to minimize the risk of complications.

Diabetes or early diabetes is asymptomatic and must be diagnosed by blood glucose test. It is a preventable disease by means of regular monitoring of blood glucose level and regulating dietary habits as suggested by nutritionists.

Services include:
  • Regular monitoring of blood glucose level
  • Guidance of low glycemic index diet
  • Lifestyle guidance
  • Nutritionist dietary guidance
  • Nutrition supplement consultation

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