Lung Health Management Program

Lung is an essential respiratory organ. It will cause a great health impact, if it does not work properly, such as lack of oxygen in blood, diminished attention span, memory loss, decrease of metabolic rate and aging. Furthermore, leading to health problems such as headache, allergy, and cancer.


Lung functional test can compare your lung function with people of the same age, which helps to identify your health status of lung, including “lung age”, forced vital capacity (FVC) and et al.


Risk factors:
- Lack of exercise
- Aging
- Lack of elastic and moisture in lung
- Air pollution, smoking, second-hand smoke and chemical damage
- Toxic, free radical accumulation
- Insufficient sleep


Lung aging related diseases:
- Asthma
- Tiredness
- Aging
- Decrease of metabolism
- Lung disease, including obstructive pulmonary and pneumonia
- Cardiovascular health weakness
- Cancer


Services include:
- Regular monitoring of “lung age” and FVC
- Assessment of lung health planning
- Report analysis by registered Chinese medicine practitioner and nutritionists
- Diet and lifestyle recommendation
- Nutrition supplement consultation
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