Liver and kidney Health Management Program

Liver and kidney are the major detoxification organ. If they do not work properly, will lead to toxic accumulation, liver disease, blood pressure problem, hematopoietic problem and et al. Besides, serious kidney failure patients need to do kidney dialysis or kidney transplant in order to maintain life.


Therefore, regular liver and kidney check-up, together with dietary and lifestyles adjustments are necessary, in order to maintain health.


Risk factors:

- Aging

- Obese, high blood lipid, blood pressure, blood glucose

- Virus infection

- Alcoholism and smoking

- Inadequate nutrition intake

- Lack of water and bieniao

- Lack of exercise

- Medical side effect, such as rheumatism medication, and antibiotic

- Genetic factors


Related diseases:

- Hepatitis

- Cirrhosis

- Fatty liver

- Liver Cancer

- Kidney stones

- Kidney failure

- Uremia


Services include:

- Regular monitoring of liver and kidney health

- Assessment of liver and kidney health planning

- Report analysis by registered Chinese medicine practitioner and nutritionists

- Diet and lifestyle recommendation

- Nutrition supplement consultation

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