Few Changes In daily diet, Big improvement In Health

Most people believe that weight management lies only on controlling calories intake. In fact, there are some few changes that we can carry out to yield a surprising effect. The first step is not about calories mathematics but change our eating pattern.

Easy 5 Steps to fitness and health

Step 1 : Fruit

subnav_bulletOur daily fibre intake should not less than 25g. A medium size apple has 3.6g fibre. Increase satiation by consuming fruit an hour before meal can also minimize the portion size of meal


subnav_bulletNever replace your meal by fruit. Low calories fruit are often boasted to have body slimming function. However when we have only fruit as our meals, the blood glucose level may go too low or under-nutrition happens which harm our health!


Step 2 : Soup

subnav_bulletDrink some soup before a meal not only increase satiation but also moisturize digestive gut. Post-meal soup, however should be avoid because it could dilute digestive acid and affect digestion.


subnav_bulletAvoid concentrated soup, as there is high content of salt and fat.


Step 3: Vegetables

subnav_bulletVegetables contain rich vitamins, minerals and fibre. 1.5 to 2 bowls of cooked vegetable is suggested to consume everyday. In order to maintain good body shape, vegetables should be eaten before meat and carbohydrates to reduce hunger and calorie intake.


subnav_bulletLess oil should be used to cook vegetables.


Step 4: Meat

subnav_bulletAfter step 1 to 3, your satiation should have raised to 50%. High protein meat, fish or egg can now be acquired for body needs.


subnav_bulletAvoid deep fry or pan fry. Deep fry increases food calories. In addition, cancerous substances are released in these processes. Less oil and salt should be added in cooking to maintain heart and blood vessel health.


Step 5: Carbohydrates

subnav_bulletFinally having carbohydrates just until you feel nearly full. This controls energy intake and provides you sufficient energy for daily requirement.


subnav_bulletCarbohydrates with high fibre content such as brown rice can increase your daily fiber intake, and also the satiation that help maintain body weight.


Tips to be fit

Researches reveal that Protamine can suppress appetite and reduce 42% fat absorption from the gut. It is the healthiest choice to prevent weight gain.

The above 5 steps can elevate satiation, with adequate exercises, plus nutrients that can control body weight (e.g. Protamine). It gives a easy way to be fit
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